The progress of the press on the mold of the new requirements

The progress of the press on the mold of the new requirements With the improvement of the level of punching processing industry, the mold put forward new requirements. In addition to increasing the service life, it is required to reduce the contamination during cutting and to use as much dry cutting as possible. When you can not completely abolish the cutting fluid, try to do it with only rust inhibitor without organic matter steel fabrication, so that the cost of recycling can be greatly reduced. It should be said that in recent decades the rise of a variety of vapor deposition technology steel cutting machine, the surface engineering technology research and application have made rapid development.

These technologies not only achieve the performance requirements of punch, such as wear, friction and corrosion resistance, but also in the electromagnetic, optical, optoelectronics, thermal, superconductivity and biology and surface related functional materials to show their talents. Surface engineering not only make the low-cost metal materials in the performance and benefits to play a greater advantage, and has become the development of a variety of new coatings and film materials, an important means, has great potential applications. Cutting tool of the diversity and use of the working conditions of the decision to choose the different mold coating in Jiangsu. Turning and drilling different molds should also consider the characteristics of its intermittent impact. Early development of the coating to wear-resistant as the main focus to improve the hardness as the main indicators. Such coatings, represented by titanium nitride, have a high coefficient of friction (0.4 to 0.6) and a large amount of thermal energy is generated by friction between the workpiece and the workpiece. IPM pneumatic punch of the advanced nature, reliability in the market competition in the dominant position induction heating machine.

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