The Guarantee of the Quality of Punching Equipment Punch is a high-risk machinery

99% of the punch presses are due to the quality of the punch and the negligence of the workers caused, it is clear that the quality of the press determines the safety of life of the boot, then as a punch manufacturer to punch quality Detection? 1 drilling sheet metal. Any kind of machinery or products are made of raw materials, the quality of raw materials determines the quality of the key machine, our precision machine tools in the selection of punch material done on the study, the use of HT250 punching material, Processing, material requirements to achieve the current high-end punch industry. 2. Production process can not be ignored, the accuracy requirements of any machinery and equipment production is inevitable, ISO inspection is all of our machinery production inspection procedures, in the production process to ensure the accuracy of production is the core of quality control, this process is mainly Is the management and norms, our company is mainly 6 S management and ISO testing procedures to control the quality of production. 3. Assembly is part of the mechanical assembly, the assembly of the machine is the production of our responsibilities cnc machines, we require our assembly workers, and strictly enforce the good of each assembly process, with the gap to the equipment needs, workshop supervisors, quality inspectors of the Each assembly process a good inspection, after the acceptance of qualified to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the machine running smoothly copper busbar bending machine.

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