Safety performance of high frequency energy-saving forging equipment manufacturing plant

In recent years angle steel cutter, with its high efficiency and low noise, frequency conversion energy saving, green environmental protection and high safety performance, the precision punching machine has replaced the original mechanical electric punch quickly. Besides the safety topics we most concerned about, the environmental protection green development, Seems to have become a commonplace. As we all know, now the precision punch can achieve manual and automatic stamping, automatic production line in terms of processing, in order to achieve a true automated production, supporting the use of automatic feeder, feeder and punching robot can achieve automatic feeding busbar punch,  Cutting, suction delivery, receipt and many other links to complete the stamping production of large and small different processes of automatic stamping process.

Precision punch press manipulator will be based on stamping process (the number of punch) configuration, the robot will step back from the first step to send the product; punch automatic punching, punching robot products to the product box. Precision punch press automatic production process, the entire automatic stamping production line, the use of high-precision pneumatic punching machine or high-speed punching equipment stamping, special circumstances can be achieved instantaneous stop cnc angle punching, punch fast, high precision, high security, with materials and peripheral equipment Multiple sets of robots handling materials and products, easy to achieve the stamping automation.

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