Punch quality – to ensure personal safety

At present, many companies in the use of punch processing production, the hand directly in the mold cavity to take parts, and a large number of punch equipment are responsible for a variety of products manufacturing tasks. In this case, if the punch equipment and mold without security guards, it is prone to hand injury accident. Therefore, in punch production CNC busbar punching, strengthen security protection, improve the degree of mechanization, is to prevent the occurrence of an important way. Punch operation security technology measures a wide range, which includes improving the punching mode of operation, reform the mold structure, to achieve mechanical automation. The use of complex mode, continuous mode, multi-station mode can play a reduced process, simplify the process, simplify operations, reduce the role of the operator risk. The use of hand tools can be avoided because of mold design and equipment failure caused by unexpected accidents. Common safety tools are: elastic clamp, special clamp, magnetic sucker, tweezers, pliers, hooks and so on. To achieve stamping mechanization and automation, is to ensure the safety of workers and personal safety equipment, the fundamental way. Only the realization of punching feed, reclaiming the full automation of production is the best technical measures to achieve safe production adjustable stand. Practice has proved that the use of complex mode angle steel bender, multi-station continuous mode instead of a single process of dangerous mode, or set in the mold machinery out of material institutions, to achieve mechanization, automation and so can achieve improved product quality and production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, , To ensure the safety of purpose.

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