Punch industry is facing a major industry problem

First, the punch industry financing difficulties, funding strand breaks With the tightening of the monetary policy of the state, the central bank raised the deposit reserve ratio one after another, the banks affected by the policy, coupled with performance-based considerations, not to the debt ratio is relatively high and credit concept is relatively thin small business idle loan. In order to allow the normal operation of enterprises, small and medium business owners have to seek help solve civil emergencies. However, private lending ‘crisis-ridden’, high cost of borrowing bus bar bending machines, corporate survival pressure, overwhelmed, the bankruptcy has become the only option. In addition, JB21S steel deep throat punch presses are mostly small and medium enterprises private enterprises CNC Angle Line, ‘triangle debt’ phenomenon is very common. Enterprises in order to win over customers, and more customers to take on the end of a month, a month, a few months is a normal phenomenon. However, as the factory needs to produce, need raw materials, capital is not in place will enter a negative state of operation, once a part of the lack of funds, funding strand breaks become inevitable. Second, the punch competition, living space becomes narrow In China, the hardware and electrical industry as a result of barriers to entry is low, whenever in this industry for a few years, the hands of the initial capital with the point can start their own businesses, so that small and medium enterprises have mushroomed into the JC21 open fixed Taiwan punch pressure Machine Hardware Electrical and Mechanical Industry, to seize the market. In addition, as the market continues to move forward, lack of demand exacerbated the intensified competition between the brand and the brand, compressed the survival of enterprises. Congenital hypoplasia of the mechanical and electrical hardware enterprises, in addition to the development of capital is not enough, the performance of the fatal point in the lack of core competitiveness. Enterprises are difficult to form a different competition, in particular, can not withstand the blows of the storm. In 2011, the difficult financing environment, those forced to stop production or bankruptcy factories metal saw, mostly for this reason.

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