One of the hydraulic magic: the pressure loss on the pipeline

1, the line pressure loss is divided into the resistance along the path loss (like gasoline along the way + vehicle depreciation) and local resistance loss (like tolls to pay the tolls);
2, both are proportional to the square of the flow rate, and the resistance hydraulic drilling machine coefficient is proportional to (λ or ζ), the basic formula is:


As for laminar and turbulent flow of these two different, of course, some differences, but in hydraulic technology, a more macro-study, the majority of cases can be considered as turbulence to deal with.

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3, the pressure loss along the flow is proportional to the square of the meaning of the flow is proportional to the square of the flow in the pipeline (flow 1 times, that is, the original 2 times the loss is 4 times the original), and pipe cross-sectional area Inversely proportional to the square, that is, inversely proportional to the diameter angle iron shear of the tube 4; another formula in the second denominator, also contains the pipe diameter d, so the final pressure loss along the pipe diameter will be inversely proportional to the 5th power;
For example, if the pipe diameter is reduced by half, the pressure loss at the same flow rate will increase to 32 times!
Another example: If the original diameter is 8mm, now changed to 10mm, the pressure loss along the way will be the original 0.17 times, which is only about one-sixth of the cnc drill machine original; conversely, if the original should be 10mm back Tubing, is 8mm with the return pipe, the oil back pressure loss will be about 6 times the original;
This is often the half-way monks do not pay attention to the hydraulic blind spot. For us to understand, deal with on-site issues, especially on the return pipe, oil pressure back to the deal, should always think of this problem. Return pressure loss along the pipeline, said white, that is, back to the oil back pressure. Do not allow too high back pressure, the system will bring a series of drawbacks.

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