nd all lo cal vari ables

nd all lo cal vari ables

de fined in the main pro gram Lo cal vari ables can not be passed from one macro to an other – that is

why they are called lo cal vari ables

In many macro de vel op ment cases, there is a strong need to pass a busbar cutting machine de fined vari able from one

macro to an other macro For nest ing, this re quire ment presents no prob lem, as just shown The

busbar Machine

prob lem be comes ap par ent, when the lo cal vari ables have been cleared and there still is the need

to pass one or more vari able val ues to an other macro To achieve this goal, Fanuc of fers an other

set punch machine for Head of vari ables – an other range – called the com mon vari ables – vari ables that can be passed from

one macro to an other, with out be ing cleared be fore the transfer

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 8

Common Variables

The sole pur pose of com mon vari copper busbar bending machine ables is that they re main ac tive when the macro they were de –

fined in is com pleted Make sure to un der stand how the com mon vari ables work (there are some

dif fer ences be tween con trol mod els), and also when and how the com mon vari ables are cleared

Com mon vari ables are never as signed as ar gu ments in the G65 macro call They can only be

de fined in the macro body, and they start with the first com mon vari able – #100 There is an other

range of com mon vari ables, one that starts with the com mon vari able #500 The dif fer ence be –

tween the two is very sig nif i cant:

Variables #100 to #199 are cleared when the power of the control system is turned off

Variables of the #500 to #999 range remain in effect

even when the power to the control system has been turned off

For the com mon vari ables in the ranges #100 to #199 and #500 to #999, Fanuc of fers four avail able op tions (ac tual num ber of avail able vari ables) on its var i ous con trols:


#100 to #149 and #500 to #549

Option A


#100 to #199 and #500 to #599

Option B


#100 to #199 and #500 to #699

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