Maintenance and Maintenance of Press Bench

Machine maintenance and repair

1, in order to prevent mechanical deformation of the table, while lifting the four pillars at the same time, the length of the wire rope and the machine on the four heavy holes, smooth lifting in the transport.

2, machine table support pad, pad, to ensure that the support of the uniform stress, to ensure stable working platform.

3, the machine table will be installed at each support point adjustment mats mats, pads, adjusted by the professional and technical personnel to qualified accuracy.

4, the machine table for light workpieces, not rough when the workpiece, so as to avoid surface damage caused by bumps and scratches.

5, in order to prevent the overall deformation of the workpiece, the use of the workpiece, to remove the workpiece in order to avoid deformation of the workpiece caused by the weight of the workpiece is very long.

6, the machine table does not require timely cleaning, and then coated with a layer of anti-rust oil, and covered with rust-proof paper, with the outer cover will be covered to prevent the normal surface of the punch is not pay attention to the damage.

7, machine table should be installed in a ventilated, dry environment, and away from heat, corrosive gases, corrosive liquids.

8, regular inspection week for the implementation of national standards for machine tools, test cycle according to the specific circumstances of 6-12 months.

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