Made CNC punch technology great progress

We need to have been competitive products, technology, domestic CNC punch technology is now a great progress, but compared to foreign CNC equipment technology, there are gaps in all aspects of CNC punch products, so the domestic CNC equipment technology breakthroughs, we What should I do?

We can find, we are now in the production of CNC punch technology has a very large space for development, the level of CNC machine tools, variety and production capacity, a direct reflection of a country’s industrial strength, and the birth of CNC machine tools in China than in the United States, Germany, a slight lag, nearly half of the world’s development experience in CNC machine tools behind China in Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries, the domestic CNC machine tools basically low-budget and medium-term popularity of CNC machine tools in the market share 70% -80%, numerical control system (90% affordable, advanced type) of foreign occupation.

The above data is not that we do not have competitive CNC equipment competitive, relative to the large-scale production of domestic CNC punch equipment market advantage small and medium-sized manufacturers, market research can find us in the NC punch and mid-range strains, CNC punch equipment in China Already have a certain strength, only in the high-end equipment manufacturing is still short board, and so in the choice of high-end CNC punch press we will prefer foreign products many times.

In 2014, the state will continue to grow steadily, adjust the structure, in this environment, the CNC punch industry must adjust the industrial structure, punch manufacturers exist in the existing power is based on high-end results in the end, on the one hand, need to face Foreign products, joint venture products out of the domestic mid – range market competition pressure, on the other hand, stepping up research and development in the high – end market, get rid of the serious situation of discipline by others.

In 2014, steady growth, based on the expected growth in the import demand for CNC punch presses in China in 2013 is still very large, but the demand for high-end products to the more partial, at the same time, after the implementation of local market services Of the final product in foreign countries will also increase.

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