Installation of mold safety production procedures found what should stop repair

As the punch has a fast, high pressure characteristics, therefore, the use of punching for blanking steel hole punch machine, molding must comply with certain safety regulations. 1. Exposed to the press outside the transmission components, must install a protective cover, prohibit the removal of protective cover in the case of driving or testing. 2. Before the car should check whether the main fastening screws loose, mold with or without cracks, control mechanisms cnc machine for sale, automatic stop device, clutch, brake is normal lubrication system with or without oil blockage, if necessary, to open an empty car to do the test. 3. Install the mold must be the slider to the bottom dead center, closing height must be correct, try to avoid eccentric load; mold must be fastened and tested through the pressure test.

4. Attention to work is strictly prohibited in the hands and tools and other objects into the danger zone. Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feed mechanism) to operate, stuck blank molds when the tool is only allowed to escape. 5. Found that abnormal operation of the press bed or abnormal sound, (such as batter, pop sound) should immediately stop feeding inspection reasons welding automation. Such as the Department of rotating parts loose, control device failure, mold loosening and defects should stop repair. 6. Hand or foot must be moved away from the button or pedal to prevent misoperation. 7. More than two people should be driving people to pay attention to coordination with the good, before the work should be laid off by the power to the mold and the necessary cleaning.

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