How to check whether 100 tons of punch machine standards

100 tons of punch machine from the tonnage that belongs to the pocket-sized punch in the punching, blanking, blocking, obstruction, forming, shallow drawing process popularization of monopoly, City Road 100 tons of punch on the sale of manufacturers are not in a small amount, 100 tons of their own punch when the city is often about the qualifications of our national process research, and deal with these non-tertiary professionals in terms of, how to try 100 tons of punch is standard?
100 tons of punching expertise manufacturers Mitac Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou told us to trace whether the 100 tons of punch standards from the following five intuitive aspects of the control research, (information for reference only)

1, look outside, the paint has done from scratch to prove the Gap. To pay more attention to observe the following.
2, listen to audio, old-fashioned punch to listen to isolation is large, there is no abnormal sound operation, air pressure punch listen to the sound of the condenser device has no abnormal sound.

3, check the 100 tons of slippery punching system, good smooth operation will help the rigid home, on the contrary is not conducive to disturbing at the same time, it will make up for running the burden, out of its fool life. This process should also pay attention to review the oil pump and the order of arrival of the oil level gauge.

4, 100 tons of punch in the operation, the pressure gauge is also very tight, to see whether it is within a given line, and check the construction of overloading shield to ensure ventilation, can be within the standard techniques to the rated pressure. In addition, the power counseling lights, dying to lay hands on these two buttons is the need to try in advance to prevent unintentional failure when the failure failure.

5,100 tons of press table and slide the bottom of the parallelism is also very important, did not do with the dial indicator, 100T boring, 10CM parallelism is not over 0.15MM for the national standard. I am afraid that the parallelism of standards.

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