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Punch, punch manufacturers, Dongguan precision punching machine (15T-500T), and has a large and a large number of CNC machining equipment, the precision testing equipment cnc punching, and a full set of physical and chemical facilities, and other advanced quality control methods to achieve the purpose of the production of precision punching machine angle bending machine, ERP, PDM, CAM and other enterprise information engineering. Dongguan precision press equipment – IPM, based on skilled engineering and technology, customer satisfaction for the purpose of service, clear quality objectives and follow the principles to ensure that the advanced nature of the product milling drilling machine, reliability in the market Competitive advantage position. Welcome customers to buy!

Punch quality – to ensure personal safety

At present, many companies in the use of punch processing production, the hand directly in the mold cavity to take parts, and a large number of punch equipment are responsible for a variety of products manufacturing tasks. In this case, if the punch equipment and mold without security guards, it is prone to hand injury accident. Therefore, in punch production CNC busbar punching, strengthen security protection, improve the degree of mechanization, is to prevent the occurrence of an important way. Punch operation security technology measures a wide range, which includes improving the punching mode of operation, reform the mold structure, to achieve mechanical automation. The use of complex mode, continuous mode, multi-station mode can play a reduced process, simplify the process, simplify operations, reduce the role of the operator risk. The use of hand tools can be avoided because of mold design and equipment failure caused by unexpected accidents. Common safety tools are: elastic clamp, special clamp, magnetic sucker, tweezers, pliers, hooks and so on. To achieve stamping mechanization and automation, is to ensure the safety of workers and personal safety equipment, the fundamental way. Only the realization of punching feed, reclaiming the full automation of production is the best technical measures to achieve safe production adjustable stand. Practice has proved that the use of complex mode angle steel bender, multi-station continuous mode instead of a single process of dangerous mode, or set in the mold machinery out of material institutions, to achieve mechanization, automation and so can achieve improved product quality and production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, , To ensure the safety of purpose.

The Guarantee of the Quality of Punching Equipment Punch is a high-risk machinery

99% of the punch presses are due to the quality of the punch and the negligence of the workers caused, it is clear that the quality of the press determines the safety of life of the boot, then as a punch manufacturer to punch quality Detection? 1 drilling sheet metal. Any kind of machinery or products are made of raw materials, the quality of raw materials determines the quality of the key machine, our precision machine tools in the selection of punch material done on the study, the use of HT250 punching material, Processing, material requirements to achieve the current high-end punch industry. 2. Production process can not be ignored, the accuracy requirements of any machinery and equipment production is inevitable, ISO inspection is all of our machinery production inspection procedures, in the production process to ensure the accuracy of production is the core of quality control, this process is mainly Is the management and norms, our company is mainly 6 S management and ISO testing procedures to control the quality of production. 3. Assembly is part of the mechanical assembly, the assembly of the machine is the production of our responsibilities cnc machines, we require our assembly workers, and strictly enforce the good of each assembly process, with the gap to the equipment needs, workshop supervisors, quality inspectors of the Each assembly process a good inspection, after the acceptance of qualified to ensure the accuracy of the machine and the machine running smoothly copper busbar bending machine.

Punch industry is facing a major industry problem

First, the punch industry financing difficulties, funding strand breaks With the tightening of the monetary policy of the state, the central bank raised the deposit reserve ratio one after another, the banks affected by the policy, coupled with performance-based considerations, not to the debt ratio is relatively high and credit concept is relatively thin small business idle loan. In order to allow the normal operation of enterprises, small and medium business owners have to seek help solve civil emergencies. However, private lending ‘crisis-ridden’, high cost of borrowing bus bar bending machines, corporate survival pressure, overwhelmed, the bankruptcy has become the only option. In addition, JB21S steel deep throat punch presses are mostly small and medium enterprises private enterprises CNC Angle Line, ‘triangle debt’ phenomenon is very common. Enterprises in order to win over customers, and more customers to take on the end of a month, a month, a few months is a normal phenomenon. However, as the factory needs to produce, need raw materials, capital is not in place will enter a negative state of operation, once a part of the lack of funds, funding strand breaks become inevitable. Second, the punch competition, living space becomes narrow In China, the hardware and electrical industry as a result of barriers to entry is low, whenever in this industry for a few years, the hands of the initial capital with the point can start their own businesses, so that small and medium enterprises have mushroomed into the JC21 open fixed Taiwan punch pressure Machine Hardware Electrical and Mechanical Industry, to seize the market. In addition, as the market continues to move forward, lack of demand exacerbated the intensified competition between the brand and the brand, compressed the survival of enterprises. Congenital hypoplasia of the mechanical and electrical hardware enterprises, in addition to the development of capital is not enough, the performance of the fatal point in the lack of core competitiveness. Enterprises are difficult to form a different competition, in particular, can not withstand the blows of the storm. In 2011, the difficult financing environment, those forced to stop production or bankruptcy factories metal saw, mostly for this reason.

Punch industry will be the direction of automation

Punch industry will be the direction of automation In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, Stamping process in the production process is a traditional mechanical processing steel hole punch machine, saving materials and energy, high efficiency, the technical requirements of the operator is not high, through a variety of mold applications can be made by machining products can not achieve these advantages, and therefore its use More and more widely, the future of the punch industry will be the direction of intelligent development. In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, IPM consulting machinery industry analysts pointed out: China’s punch press manufacturers of the basic characteristics of the main punch there are two: In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, First, the rigid: it includes the longitudinal stiffness of the slider and the table arch and the elastic elongation of the frame; and lateral stiffness under the influence of the eccentric load of the horizontal displacement of the slider;

In this case busbar punch, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, Second, the movement of the slider features: including vertical, parallel, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the product. The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on, can not only consider a certain factor. In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, In this case, The accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristics of the motion profile. So to improve these characteristics, product accuracy can be improved, die life extension, production stability can be improved. Mechanical presses are the most widely used crank presses in stamping, the slowest toggle press near the bottom dead center Structural Steel Fabrication, and the slider speed starts to slow down above the bottom dead center and have high torque capacity Of the connecting rod punch.

Punch accuracy In the high-speed press punching production

Punch accuracy In the high-speed press punching production, the punch accuracy is very important. Punch precision directly affects the accuracy of stamping products, die life. The accuracy of the punch can be divided into the static accuracy and the dynamic accuracy of the load when the punch is not loaded. High-speed press punching is very important in the actual production of dynamic accuracy, due to the use of presses, the actual load changes in volume is very large Busbar Processing Machine, so specifications are technically difficult, it has not yet integrated development CNC Drilling Machine, the status quo is static accuracy to represent the precision punch. In modern stamping operations, if only high-precision, long life mold, without high-precision punch and punching materials with high-quality, is unable to achieve high-precision stamping process. Punch precision and rigidity of the life of a great impact on the mold, the same mold in a different punch on the punch to show different performance and service life. Such as in the general accuracy of the punch on the use of tens of thousands of times that chipping, and in the high-precision precision punch on more than 1 million times have chipping phenomenon. Dynamic accuracy and punch parts of the rigidity are directly related to the rigidity of a good punch accuracy is relatively high dynamic CNC Busbar Punching Machine. If the punch load, structure and other compression structure will be deformed. So the static accuracy will deteriorate, you can say that dynamic accuracy is the real precision. Punch precision and accuracy of the product, die life has a very close relationship between. The dynamic accuracy is directly related to the rigidity of each part of the press, and the dynamic accuracy of the punch with good rigidity is relatively high.

Punching clutch clutch noise source Precision punch

Punching clutch clutch noise source Precision punch press noise can be divided into operating noise and working noise best drill machine, precision punch key clutch clutch is the essence of the key to open the key with the three keys in one of the key sets of bonding CNC beam steel drilling machine. Clutch engagement noise is caused by a series of impacts. 1, the transfer key and the impact of the suite, that is, steady-state rotating key and rotating the middle of the two sets of joints in the process of collision. 2, the impact of the key and the crankshaft, that is, one side of the key and the impact of the suite at the same time, the other side of the reaction force in the former under the impact of the crankshaft. 3, the impact of the crankshaft and its supporting sliding bearings angle steel cutter. Clutch engagement by the size of the impulse, in a certain quality conditions determine the impact of high and low speed; also contact with the stiffness and damping characteristics of the material itself.

The progress of the press on the mold of the new requirements

The progress of the press on the mold of the new requirements With the improvement of the level of punching processing industry, the mold put forward new requirements. In addition to increasing the service life, it is required to reduce the contamination during cutting and to use as much dry cutting as possible. When you can not completely abolish the cutting fluid, try to do it with only rust inhibitor without organic matter steel fabrication, so that the cost of recycling can be greatly reduced. It should be said that in recent decades the rise of a variety of vapor deposition technology steel cutting machine, the surface engineering technology research and application have made rapid development.

These technologies not only achieve the performance requirements of punch, such as wear, friction and corrosion resistance, but also in the electromagnetic, optical, optoelectronics, thermal, superconductivity and biology and surface related functional materials to show their talents. Surface engineering not only make the low-cost metal materials in the performance and benefits to play a greater advantage, and has become the development of a variety of new coatings and film materials, an important means, has great potential applications. Cutting tool of the diversity and use of the working conditions of the decision to choose the different mold coating in Jiangsu. Turning and drilling different molds should also consider the characteristics of its intermittent impact. Early development of the coating to wear-resistant as the main focus to improve the hardness as the main indicators. Such coatings, represented by titanium nitride, have a high coefficient of friction (0.4 to 0.6) and a large amount of thermal energy is generated by friction between the workpiece and the workpiece. IPM pneumatic punch of the advanced nature, reliability in the market competition in the dominant position induction heating machine.

Punch characteristics and wide range of applications

Punch characteristics and wide range of applications The press is a punch press cnc machinery sales. In the national production angle steel open, the stamping process because of the traditional mechanical processing is to save materials and energy, high efficiency, the technical requirements of the operator is not high and through a variety of mold applications can be made by mechanical processing can not achieve these advantages of the product drilling metal, and therefore It is used more and more widely.

Installation of mold safety production procedures found what should stop repair

As the punch has a fast, high pressure characteristics, therefore, the use of punching for blanking steel hole punch machine, molding must comply with certain safety regulations. 1. Exposed to the press outside the transmission components, must install a protective cover, prohibit the removal of protective cover in the case of driving or testing. 2. Before the car should check whether the main fastening screws loose, mold with or without cracks, control mechanisms cnc machine for sale, automatic stop device, clutch, brake is normal lubrication system with or without oil blockage, if necessary, to open an empty car to do the test. 3. Install the mold must be the slider to the bottom dead center, closing height must be correct, try to avoid eccentric load; mold must be fastened and tested through the pressure test.

4. Attention to work is strictly prohibited in the hands and tools and other objects into the danger zone. Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feed mechanism) to operate, stuck blank molds when the tool is only allowed to escape. 5. Found that abnormal operation of the press bed or abnormal sound, (such as batter, pop sound) should immediately stop feeding inspection reasons welding automation. Such as the Department of rotating parts loose, control device failure, mold loosening and defects should stop repair. 6. Hand or foot must be moved away from the button or pedal to prevent misoperation. 7. More than two people should be driving people to pay attention to coordination with the good, before the work should be laid off by the power to the mold and the necessary cleaning.